Aphasia Research Lab

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Your participation is very important to us! Participation in research is voluntary and free of charge.

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You may qualify for participation in one of our research studies if:

  • You have difficulty with communication (speaking, understanding speech, reading, writing) caused by a stroke or by neurodegenerative disease, OR
  • You are a healthy individual over the age of 40 with no neurological or psychiatric diagnoses.

Participation in research involves the following:

  • An initial evaluation of speech, language, and cognition.
  • If you are deemed eligible, additional sessions may be scheduled for speech-language treatment.
  • You may also be scheduled for a brain imaging session (MRI scan).

If you are a potential participant interested in getting involved in the lab’s research projects, please click here to fill out an initial screening form. You can also call or email us!

Lab Phone: 512-471-3420

Email: aphasialab@utexas.edu