Financial Assistance

Ph.D. assistance may be provided for a maximum of three academic years (or six semesters);

Combined M.A. and Ph.D., for a maximum of four academic years (or eight semesters).

Appointment as a teaching assistant or assistant instructor may involve assisting in academic or laboratory class preparation, in grading and lecture presentation, or in clinical supervision.

Appointment as a graduate research assistant may involve research design, data collection and analysis, and manuscript preparation. The specific duties will be determined by the supervising faculty member based on the student's level of expertise. These assignments will partially meet the requirements for participation in teaching and research.

The following description outlines the distinction between a Teaching Assistant (TA) and an Assistant Instructor (AI) and includes regulations and procedures for appointment:

Qualifications, Satisfactory Progress: Both Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Assistant Instructors (AIs) must be certified by the Graduate School to be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress towards an advanced degree. Satisfactory progress is interpreted by the Graduate School to mean having a grade point average of "B" or better, and having a record of completed course work. For appointments beginning in the Fall, students with acceptable averages will be considered to be making satisfactory progress if they have no incompletes for the semester of the prior long session. At the start of the Spring semester, TAs and AIs with suitable averages will be considered to be making satisfactory progress if they do not have more than one incomplete for the Fall term. TAs and AIs shall, at the start of the summer session, not have more than one incomplete for the preceding Spring term.

Qualifications for Appointment as Assistant Instructors, Master's Degree or Equivalent: Candidates for appointment as Assistant Instructors are required to hold a Master's degree or to have attained an equivalent level of achievement in graduate study and professional accomplishment. This equivalence is interpreted by the Graduate School to mean 30 hours of course work beyond the baccalaureate degree, with no more than 9 of those hours in upper-division undergraduate work.

An additional requirement is that an Assistant Instructor shall have completed one semester of a course in Teaching Methodology (CSD 398T), shall have had a least one semester of service as a Teaching Assistant, or shall have had at least one year of teaching experience in an accredited school or college. Students who have had at least one year of classroom teaching in an accredited college or secondary school will not be required to take 398T.

For other sources of financial assistance, please see The Graduate Guide (published by the Council of Graduate Students).

Research Awards

Awards for research from the Office of Graduate Studies and the Department are to cover unusual expenses in connection with dissertation research. Awards may cover the cost of supplies, special equipment, or travel if the travel is essential to the research. There is no limit on the amount of support that may be requested, but students should not expect awards to cover all the costs of a research project. Awards are not made for typing or reproducing the dissertation.

Travel Awards

Limited support for travel to professional meetings for the purpose of presenting research papers is available through the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Requests should be made through the Graduate Advisor’s office. See the Graduate Advisor for details.

Travel awards from the Office of Graduate Studies are made for travel to meetings of professional societies. Since these awards are made mainly to help students locate positions after graduation, priority is given to doctoral candidates who are registered in their last year of study and who are presenting research results to a major national professional meeting. The maximum award is an amount equal to round trip airfare. No additional support can be provided for subsistence or local transportation.

Requests for the Office of Graduate Studies awards must be submitted to the departmental Graduate Advisor after they have been endorsed by the supervising professor of the project. The Committee on Graduate Studies ranks all requests for a given competition and forwards its recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School. Dates of each competition are posted.

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

Half-time appointment as a TA, AI, or Graduate Research Assistant qualifies out-of-state residents and their spouses for resident tuition as long as their appointment is current. Under this provision, the tuition is the same as for a Texas resident.

Tuition Assistance/Health Insurance

Students appointed as teaching assistants or assistant instructors for 10 hours or more per week are eligible for substantial tuition assistance in addition to their stipend. Health insurance and premium sharing are also awarded to students employed in teaching roles 20 hours or more per week. See Graduate Advisor for details.