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Please contact Elaine Kilduff

To add events to the CSD Calendar, please contact the Grad Office

CSD Calendar


Cash Advances

  1. Complete the Participant Study Cash Advance Request Form.
  2. All cash advance requests must be submitted on department letterhead and must be processed by the department's administrative staff.
  3. Once the cash advance period has ended, turn in reconciliation form along with receipts to Elaine Kilduff in the CSD departmental office.

Entertainment Purchases and Event Planning

Events & Guest Speakers

Please notify the department well in advance of guest lecturer travel so staff will be able to process the appropriate paperwork in order to arrange airfare and hotel, and pay travel expenses or honorarium.

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ProCard Purchases

Contact Elaine Kilduff to check out the ProCard.

If your purchase is going to be over $999.99, please let us know prior to checking out the ProCard.

All purchases made with a procurement card are exempt from State of Texas sales tax. The purchaser/requester is responsible for making sure that tax is not charged on any ProCard purchase. If necessary, provide the vendor with a Texas Sales Tax Exempt Certificate Form.

ProCard Purchase Form & Instructions   

NOTE: This does not include computer equipment purchases which must be routed through the Moody Tech Team first.

ProCard Software Form & Instructions

NOTE: Prior approval from the Moody Tech Team is required for software purchases and can be placed through LANDESK.

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General Office Supplies: Today’s Business Solutions (UT MARKET)
  1. Once your cart has been created assign the cart to emk493 (Elaine Kilduff) with additional notes indicating which account should be charged. 
  2. If an order will include any items that are considered consumables please attach a signed OOEF.
  3. DO NOT PURCHASE OFFICE SUPPLIES WITH A PERSONAL CREDIT CARD.  Please contact us if a purchase is urgent.
Amazon Items
  1. Please send a Wishlist of requested items through Amazon to Elaine Kilduff
  2. Email a signed Procard Purchase Request Form for your order.
  3. If your item is available in UT Market, please purchase through UT Market.
Vendor Purchases

Please send an email, with attached vendor quote (if applicable) to Elaine Kilduff. 

Please include the following information:

  • Requestor name
  • Requestor phone number
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor Contact Number and name
  • UT’s Vendor Account Number (if there is an existing account set up with vendor)
  • Specific item information/links to item webpage
  • Part Number
  • Quantity requested
  • Unit price
  • Shipping/Handling estimate or “Not To Exceed” estimate
  • Account to charge
  • Any additional notes

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If you have any questions concerning traveling including but not limited to booking flights through Anthony Travel, direct billing with hotel, rental cars, how to be reimbursed for meals that included multiple people conducting UT business, guest travel, please let us know.

International Travel

Anyone traveling abroad on University business or programs must be enrolled in the International SOS system. The International Office has automated registration for faculty and staff who purchase travel through a UT-contracted travel agency. International reservations made through other sources must be entered into the ISOS database manually by the traveler prior to departure.  International Travel to Restricted Regions needs additional approval from the International Oversight Committee (IOC).

Faculty Travel Grant application

A Travel Authorization form (RTA) must be completed before applying.

The FTG application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to travel (RTA admin/departmental signer is Elaine Kilduff/emk493).

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Other Forms

Don't see the form you are looking for, please check out the Moody Business Forms chart for a listing of all other up-to-date Moody forms.