• Director: Jun Wang, PhD
  • Locations: CMB1 & HDB5
  • 512-471-6831
  • jun.wang@austin.utexas.edu


We are recruiting research participants (laryngectomees and healthy controls).  Please feel free to contact Dr. Jun Wang or Kristin Teplansky for any quesions. 


Lab Director:  Jun Wang, PhD

Email:   jun.wang@austin.utexas.edu

Offices:  CMA 4.112  |  HDB 5.308

Phone:  512-471-6831

Contact student: Kristin Teplansly

Email:  kristin.teplansky@austin.utexas.edu

Lab locations:

  • CMB 1.112A, as part of the multi-PI  NeuroComm Labs, in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Moody College of Communication

  • HDB 5.208, as part of the multi-PI Human Physiology Labs in the Department of Neurology, Dell Medical School

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Moody College of Communication

2504A Whitis Ave.  
Austin, TX 78712 

Department of Neurology,  Dell Medical School

1601 Trinity St., Bldg. B 
Austin, TX 78712