M.A. Graduate Courses

Catalog 2017-2019

  • Total Academic coursework: 32  credits 
  • Options: Thesis/NoThesis
  • Clinical coursework: 20+ credits.  Additional credit hours may be required by the program in order to satisfy ASHA guidelines.
  • Optional specialization: Bilingual and Multicultural certificate

No-Thesis option

  • Core courses (20 credit hours)
  • Advanced Electives (9 credit hours)
  • Research (3 credit hours)

Thesis option

  • Core courses (20 credit hours)
  • Advanced Electives (3 credit hours)
  • Research (3 credit hours)
  • Thesis (6)

Both options result in a total of 32 hours of academic course work over the course of five to six semesters. Clinical practicum requires enrollment for additional credit hours each semester and summer for a total 20+ credit hours (additional hours may be required by the program to meet ASHA guidelines).

Please note that these requirements are subject to change for each academic catalog (published every two years). However, the requirements in effect at the time of a student's initial enrollment in the Graduate School will comprise the official degree program for that student, regardless of any subsequent changes in the Master's program.

    Graduate Courses

    The faculty has approval to offer the following courses listed in the graduate catalog for academic years 2017–2018 and 2018–2019; however, not all courses are taught each semester or summer session. Students should consult the Course Schedule to determine which courses and topics will be offered during a particular semester or summer session. The Course Schedule may also reflect changes made to the course inventory after the publication of this catalog.

    Core Courses

    CSD 393D.2 Developmental Speech Disorders
    CSD 393D.5 Developmental Language Disorders
    CSD 393D.3 Fluency
    CSD 393F.2 Acquired Speech Disorders
    CSD 393E.3 Acquired Cognitive Communication Disorders
    CSD 293D.1 Voice Disorders
    CSD 393E.1 Dysphagia

    Advanced Electives

    CSD 175N Deaf Education Seminar
    CSD 360M Communication in Deaf People
    CSD 378D Leadership & Mentorship in CSD
    CSD 383N Seminar in Human Communication
    CSD 391E Language Theory and Bilingualism
    CSD 392P Speech Perception Theory & Clinical Aspect
    CSD 393E.4 Collaborative Models Asses/Intervention Bilingual Child
    CSD 393J Acquired Cognitive Communication 2
    CSD 393K Child Language Disorders
    CSD 395N Neurobiological Perspectives on Spch & Lng
    CSD 395P Problems in Deafness
    Elective outside CSD


    CSD 386N Research in CSD
    CSD 383N Seminar in Human Communication


    CSD 698A Thesis A
    CSD 698B Thesis B