Departmental Labs

These are organized as computer laboratories:

Child Language Analysis Lab

This lab consists of eight workstations, both Macintosh and Windows, with sophisticated software for analysis of language samples, including MacSALT and Fast Forward. General purpose software such as word processors, spreadsheets, and statistical packages are also available for student use. Video digitizing and transfer are available. Each computer is on the Ethernet, and laser printers are available.

CSD Computer Lab

The Department maintains 14 workstations (Macintosh and Windows) and printers for general purpose student use (report writing, data analysis, Internet access, etc.). A variety of useful software, including PowerPoint for presentations, is available.

Specialized Teaching Labs

The Specialized Teaching Labs (STLs) comprise at least one computer, dedicated primarily for student use, which is located in one of the existing (or planned) research labs in the Speech and Hearing Center. The STLs are typically Macintosh-based. The software reflects the specific mission of a given research lab; however, programs are typically available for summarizing data, plotting results, performing statistical analysis, signal processing, and other related tasks.

Other locations

Several Macintosh computers are located in the Clinician's Room for student use, and the Ph.D. students' office contains several Macintosh and PC workstations.