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Thomas Marquardt

Professor Emeritus
Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders


Thomas Marquardt, Ph.D., is the Ben F. Love Regents Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  He teaches courses in aphasia, dysarthria, and cognitive communication disorders and conducts research on speech motor control and affective processing deficits resulting from brain damage. He is the author of Neurogenic Communication Disorders, co-author of Appraisal and Diagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders 3rd ed., and co-editor of Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2nd ed.  Dr. Marquardt has published widely on topics such as compensatory articulation in Broca's aphasia, affective processing in traumatic brain injury, and aphasia in bilingual speakers. He has served as Graduate Advisor (1993-96) and Chair (2000-2003) of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, has worked with the Fulbright Scholars Program on doctoral training in Morocco (2000-2010), and served as Director of US Department of Education Training Grants on doctoral training in Multicultural Communication Sciences and Disorders (1996-2004).  Dr. Marquardt is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and member of the Academy of Neurological Communication Sciences and Disorders.