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Deaf Education Internship experience at the Texas School for the Deaf


Note: The internship experience is offered Spring semesters of odd-numbered years only, e.g., Spring 2015, 2017, etc.

This internship is a key component of the Deaf Education / Deaf Studies major, and is also recommended for SLP and Audiology majors who are interested in working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Students get to:

  • improve ASL fluency,
  • learn a tremendous amount about children with hearing impairments,
  • receive a great foundational experience, and
  • obtain practical experience for your resume and your graduate school application.

Students will:

  • work 12-15 hours per week with teachers and students at the Texas School for the Deaf;
  • spend 7 weeks in one class, take spring break, then return to a different class for 7 weeks;
  • obtain hands-on experience;
  • take a weekly course in deaf education practice offered by master teachers and curriculum specialists at TSD; and
  • have the opportunity to observe and participate in other aspects of the education experience.

Eligible students should register for EDC 364 (the internship) and EDC 331E (the course), both of which will count as upper division electives towards your degree. To be eligible, students must have completed:

  • at least the third level ASL,
  • at least 72 credit hours,
  • CSD 308K, and 
  • be enrolled in or have completed CSD 360M.


Email Dr. Mark E Bernstein,
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
or schedule an appointment with your advisor.

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